Cast iron ductile iron stainless steel single/double band pipe repair clamp

We are professional pipeline product supplier.Choose us means you are choosing best quality, best price and best service!We are waiting for your enquiry! ItemMaterial   JAWDuctile Iron  BoltsCarbon Steel   NutsCarbon Steel   BandSS304  GasketEPD

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We are professional pipeline product supplier.
Choose us means you are choosing best quality, best price and best service!
We are waiting for your enquiry!

JAWDuctile Iron  
BoltsCarbon Steel   
NutsCarbon Steel   
CoatingEpoxy Fusion Bonded RAL5017  
SizeOD RANGELENGTHBoltingWorking Pressure
2"60-67150,191,2005/8" OR M16PN10/16
3"88-98150,191,200,3005/8" OR M16PN10/16
95-105150,191,200,3005/8" OR M16PN10/16
4"108-118150,191,200,3005/8" OR M16PN10
115-128150,191,200,3005/8" OR M16PN10
6"158-172191,200,3005/8" OR M16PN10
168-182191,200,3005/8" OR M16PN10
8"217-229191,200,3005/8" OR M16PN10
225-240191,200,3005/8" OR M16PN10
10"243-260300,3825/8" OR M16PN6/PN10
270-288300,3825/8" OR M16PN6/PN10
12"313-336300,3825/8" OR M16PN6/PN10
340-360300,3825/8" OR M16PN6/PN10
Bolt Quantity to Different Length
Pipe Clamp length150191/200300
Bolt Quantity234


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