Water supply is restored, but the problem persists after the water main rupture | KPBS Public Media

2021-11-24 05:56:23 By : Mr. HengTe Yu

On Tuesday, two days after a 76-year-old cast iron pipeline in Dongcun failed, the water supply was restored in Dongcun. Floods flooded the area, causing thousands of people to lose water.

Although the streets have been repaired and the water restored, people living and working in the area are still dealing with the consequences.

Sharita Ballinger and thousands of people living in nine locations in the East Village were ordered to "boil water."

Ballinger said: "I take care of my uncle. He is getting older, so it is difficult to do extra things besides the things that need to be done every day," he added. Water out. .

Residents must boil water to eat and drink, and disinfect tableware and other items. Washing your hands means immersing them in a diluted bleach solution and letting them air dry without having to rinse them again.

Mrs. Parker, a resident of East Village, believed that everything she had done was correct until she realized that she was washing the dishes with a bleach solution.

"Well, I think that since I said that, I must go back and redo my plate," she said with a smile.

Arian Collins, San Diego’s public information supervisor, said he understands the frustration.

"We know this has caused a huge inconvenience to everyone," he said.

He asked for patience, because canceling an order is a process.

"We need to perform two negative tests in a row, and it takes 24 hours to perform the second test," Collins said. "If their results are all negative, then we will submit the information to the state government, and if they clear it all to us, we can cancel the boiling water notification."

There are two rests on Sunday. CalTrans is still working to fix the problems on Interstate 163 and Interstate 5.

Collins said that the pipes that cause the most problems are aging cast iron pipes, such as those on 11th Avenue and A Street. But he said they are slowly being eliminated.

“Since 2013, we have replaced approximately 218 miles of cast iron, leaving less than 20 miles away, and we will replace these by 2025,” he said.

Whatever the reason, Arthur Burges, who is buying last-minute merchandise for the Thanksgiving dinner, hopes that the water will return to normal so that his vacation does not have to be rescheduled.

"Oh, that would be bad," he said. "Yes, I have to wait until Saturday or when the boiling water is over."