Miles of aging water lines are still below San Diego

2021-11-24 05:59:24 By : Ms. Zoe Zhang

San Diego (KGTV) - Staff from the New York City and California Department of Transportation were still working in the downtown area on Tuesday, clearing the chaos after two water mains broke on Sunday to close the highway entrance ramp and flood businesses.

The first rupture came from a 76-year-old cast iron pipe near 11th Street and A Street, which flooded local businesses and disrupted traffic. Some time later, a 62-year-old concrete steel tube near Balboa Park failed.

Lacey Hunter, who works near Balboa Park, said: “It should be the best city in America, and the fact that there is a 100-year-old pipe burst under the street is unacceptable.”

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Since 2013, the city has been working to replace approximately 180 miles of cast iron pipes with more reliable PVC pipes. During that time, the number of water pipe ruptures dropped from a peak of 131 in 2010 to 33 in 2020.

A city spokesperson said Tuesday that by 2025, the last 25 miles of cast iron will be replaced. But this does not completely solve the threat. Most of the pipes in this city are concrete. Although they are more reliable than cast iron, they do fail, as in the case of Balboa Park.

However, a spokesperson for the city said that they would undergo regular inspections.