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2021-11-24 05:59:01 By : Mr. Fred Zhang

This is the "shop essentials" category of the exclusive successful agricultural "tool of the year" program to highlight the innovative and essential tools and store supplies of your farm operation. These tools will help you get the job done.

Our editor selected one tool in Power Tools as "Editor's Choice", and other tools as "Recommended"; hand tools; ratchets and sockets; metalworking; shop supplies; lighting; workbenches and tool boxes; and shop essentials.

The following is the list of winners in Shop Essentials for 2021.

As the preferred vise for heavy-duty applications from the factory to the machine shop, Wilton's multi-purpose vise is now available in 4½ and 6½ inch models with a 60,000-psi ductile iron base (30,000-psi gray cast iron base is the standard on the market).

The vise is factory lubricated (lifetime), has a spindle, precision machined jaws, a 360° rotating base and a rotating head indexed in 30° increments, which can clamp materials at any angle. Multi-purpose vices provide users with the option of using pipes or V-shaped jaws. Replaceable horizontal pipe clamps are suitable for pipes with a diameter of ½ to 3 inches. The V-jaw option allows vertical fixation of pipes or other round materials. Each vise is also equipped with replaceable hardened steel jaws with a serrated pattern to ensure grip. 

The rotating base has a double locking device, which can firmly hold the vise in place, and the anvil has a large surface area that can be used to process materials. With lifetime warranty, the retail price of the 4½-inch model 450P (jaw opening 4 inches, throat depth 2½ inches) is $159.99, and the 6½ inch 650P (jaw opening 6½ inches, throat depth 3¼ inches) retail price is $159.99) It is $349.99. Visit

The IPA Flow-Thru system with brush and venturi uses a venturi, which is connected to an anodized aluminum handle that uses air pressure to turn interchangeable stranded stainless steel and industrial-strength nylon brushes. 

The solvent is pumped in through the handle and completely covered by the brush. The integrated flow valve provides ultimate control of pressurized solvents (up to 145 psi). 

Model 8091 combines air pressure with degreasing solvents and scrubs simultaneously through the circulating brush head to provide unparalleled cleaning performance.

The retail price of the 8091 is US$182.86. Visit

MDV-787 Mini-Ductor Venom HP uses the strong surrounding heat to release the hardware from corrosion or thread-locking compound in a few seconds without an open flame. It can turn a ¾ inch nut into red in a few seconds.

The tool retails for $649 and includes a two-year warranty. Visit 

Gaither Tools' Moore-Safe jack has a lifting capacity of 20 tons. Its design (with two interchangeable heads) is used to support vehicle components, greatly reducing the possibility of slippage due to misalignment or load transfer. 

Moore-Safe's patented design has two interchangeable mounting heads, both of which are specially designed to maintain the center of gravity even when the load is shifted. The head is designed to firmly support vehicle components, significantly reducing the chance of slippage due to misalignment or transfer of load.

The GT-20MS model retails for US$495. Visit

Vividia ME-610X uses a 40-inch long, 6-mm diameter probe with a 360° joint controlled by a joystick to guide the high-resolution camera into the cavity. The probe is made of titanium alloy, with high wear resistance, and produces high-quality clear images through six high-illuminance LED lights.

The 3½-inch IPS display provides camera magnification, HDMI output and a mini SD card. Users can easily preview, take photos and record videos.

The retail price of the borescope is US$1,149.98. Visit

Klein's ET16 borescope is suitable for Android OTG 4.0 or higher devices (not for iPhone or iPad). It uses a 20-foot armored cable with a 9mm digital camera at the end to generate high-quality images. Six white LEDs with adjustable brightness enhance the image.

The kit (borescope, carrying case, micro USB adapter and instruction manual) retails for $84.97. Since the borescope is powered by the device connected to the smartphone or screen, no battery is required.

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